YOGA PANACEA is a comprehensive book on “Hatha Yoga” or the yogic physical science.
As we all are aware that yoga is a popular form of complementary medicine, well-known for its traditional & therapeutic use. Dr. Das has gained much knowledge and experience during his 35 years, spent in therapeutic yoga implementation as a non-drug therapy or non-chemical therapy application in orthopedic, hematological, and psycho neurological, neuromuscular, gastroenterological, cardiovascular, respiratory, eye & ENT, urogenital, gynecological, metabolic and endocrinal diseases. He derived much of his knowledge from his teacher Yogindra Lt. Bishnu Charan Ghosh, the youngest brother of Late Paramahansa Swami Yogananda who was a world renowed yogi.
In this book, Dr. (Prof) P.S.Das has selected some helpful asanas, mudras, pranayams, and meditation within astanga yoga which aims at banishing conflicts, desires, and differences. He has specially referred to Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Karma Yoga to name a few. He has also dealt separately about the Patanjali Astanga Yoga, the Science of Yoga, including the
aims and objective of Yogasanna, which broadens the mental horizon of Mind and Body. He explains in his book how the art of yoga not only concentrates on the physical organs and muscles but also on the power of Life. In order to develop physical strength and the power of the mind, he acknowledges the efficacy of the “Love Formula” i.e. God is love and love is God. Love energizes physical and mental ailments. This is described to the fullest in the chapter Bhakti Yoga.
He made special mention in his book YOGA PANACEA about the Special Senses and Body Complex. Yogic exercises aim at toning and improving the physical organs including the organs, which are not subjected to independent or voluntary movement such as the heart and lungs. Yoga also develops Muscles. Healthy and strong internal organs contribute towards the development of other parts of the body. The Yogic asanas, by attempting to open the mind to cosmic energy, help to build a storehouse of energy. Yoga asanas aid also in strengthening respiratory functions, circulatory systems, and digestive power and also contribute to the function of those organs, which we cannot control by ourselves. Yoga asanas promote a healthy and pure mind.
This book also explains at length all the main Indian Yoga Exercises – at least 55 asanas under separate headings that can give an individual a perfect guidance of an efficient yoga teacher. Hence the book has been provided with illustrations to help any individual practice the art and science of Yoga for his betterment of a healthy and pure mind and body. Dr. (Prof) Das hopes and aspires that this book YOGA PANACEA will benefit every human being who wishes to cultivate a health mind and body.
Dr. P.S.Das presenting the his book YOGA PANACEA to Sister Nirmala at Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata for the President Georg W. Bush United States of America along with a letter.
US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush with Sister Nirmala, the superior-general of the Missionaries of Charity, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York - September' 2004.
In response of Dr. P. S. Das’s letter and the book “YOGA PANACEA”, US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush sanded there best wishes.
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