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    Edge tool of eliminating haze
    expert of straw burning

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    Company Profile
    Company Profile
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    Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first national high-tech enterprise of Nanhai District listed on the New OTC Market in 2019.Chuangxing was established in 2001. It has more than 200 employees and a plant area of more than 50,000 square meters. It possesses dozens of advanced high-precision and high-power laser and number punching sheet metal production lines imported from Germany, Gema spraying line imported from France, professional screen printing equipment and independent dustproof spraying workshop, and is providing one-stop high-quality customized sheet metal supporting processing technology and services for a variety of high-end customers.

    The products of the company are widely used in industries such as machinery and equipment, telecommunications power, power supply, air conditioning, industrial control, power amplifier, transportation, advertising production and so on, the products include: sheet metal processing, precision steel structure, Baojie cloud biomass burner, sheet metal intelligent material warehouse, yacht and trailers, Qishuai non-standard manufacturing big data management system (ERP), etc., currently, the company has maintained long term and friendly cooperation with the world's top 500 companies such as Facebook, Haas Automation, Foxconn, Schneider, Huaxing Optoelectronics which is the production base of Huawei, ceramic machinery leading company Keda Clean Energy, etc.

    Looking into the future, our company will continue to follow the vision of "leading the intelligent sheet metal manufacturing and sharing the happy manufacturing", and commit to the corporate mission of "creating unlimited possibilities, being century-old craftsman enterprise, developing the big country manufacturing, and building the national brand", and constantly providing customers with scientific design, precise manufacturing and quality products and services!

    Group Structure
    • 01

      Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Main business: Sheet metal processing/steel structure/sheet metal machinery/intelligent material warehouse

    • 02

      Foshan Qishuai Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

      Main business: Non-standard customized production management software (ERP)

    • 03

      Guangdong Xingqiu Aluminum Co., Ltd.

      Main business: Extrusion and shaping of aluminum profile

    • 04

      Chongqing Chuangxing Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

      Main business: Biomass burner, sheet metal processing, aluminum profile sales

    • 05

      Chongqing Chuangxing Mould Base Technology Co., Ltd.

      Main business: R&D, design, production and sales of aluminum templates

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