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    Can biomass heating stove burn coal? How to choose the stove for burning firewood, coal and particles?

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    Winter is coming soon. The temperature this year is colder than in previous years. Heating has also become a people's livelihood issue of concern. Coal-fired heating is a relatively traditional heating method. Due to serious coal pollution, increased national coal ban and soaring coal prices, coal-fired stoves are gradually replaced by firewood and biomass particle stoves. Many people are not familiar with biomass particles and do not know where to buy them, so they have doubts about biomass particle furnaces. So can the biomass particle furnace be replaced by firewood when biomass particles cannot be bought? Can the biomass particle furnace burn firewood and coal? The following Xiaobian will discuss this issue with you in detail.


    Biomass heating furnace is different from traditional coal and firewood burning furnaces. Biomass particle heating furnace has the convenient functions of automatic ignition and automatic blanking. It can transfer biomass particles to the furnace through the automatic feeding system. Because the coal and firewood are relatively large, it can not be fed automatically through the automatic feeding system. Although it can not realize automatic feeding, firewood and coal can be burned, which just violates its original R &amp; D intention to facilitate users!


    So, how to choose a heating stove? Due to the ban on coal and the high price of coal, coal-fired stoves are not recommended here. The stove for burning firewood is more suitable for the stove. If it is in the living room, the firewood is inconvenient. If firewood is stacked in the living room, it will affect the image and occupy more space. Finally, there is a furnace for burning biomass particles. Biomass particles are granular fuels made from waste straw such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, corn cob and rice stalk, wood chips and firewood powder. To a certain extent, they solve the problem of environmental pollution in haze weather caused by burning straw, which is cheaper than coal, and truly achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. Secondly, the biomass particle heating furnace has the functions of automatic ignition, automatic blanking and multi gear to meet the heating, cooking, hot pot and other functions. Therefore, the biomass particle heating furnace is recommended.


    Baostraw biomass pellet heating stove is a new stove developed by Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is suitable for rural family heating, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, it has been popularized in Guizhou and other places. The furnace effectively solves the technical problems such as tempering and smoking in the incineration process. The fool type one key operation is simple and easy to understand. It is the first choice for heating in winter.


    Update date:2021-10-21
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