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    Low temperature baking
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    Pepper baking

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    Zanthoxylum bungeanum is not only a kind of special spice in China, but also can be made into condiment with other raw materials.


    The traditional drying method of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is to dry in the sun or in a cool and dry place, which takes a long time, usually takes 6-10 days, and in this period, if it encounters rainy weather, it is easy to appear mildew and other problems, causing losses. After the development, we began to use the dryer equipment to dry the pepper. The color of the roasted pepper is good and it can well preserve all kinds of flavor substances of pepper. However, the traditional baking machine, baking equipment and baking room are often complex and tedious to operate, which requires manual observation of time and temperature, in order to adjust, a little carelessness will cause losses.


    For this reason, Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and produced a pepper baking system, which can not only solve the problem of pepper baking technology, but also save the cost for pepper farmers,Accurate combustion control, automatic weighing measurement, baking real-time monitoring, remote operation of mobile phone, identification, baking fault alarm. Combined with big data system, it is easy to operate without technology. Compared with coal-fired, electric and other baking methods, baostraw biomass burnerCorn straw, wheat straw, prickly ash straw and sesame straw are used as raw materials to turn waste into treasure and save baking cost for prickly ash farmers。


    Update date:2020-06-15
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