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    Low temperature baking
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    Tobacco baking

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    Tobacco curing is a complex physiological and biochemical process accompanied by physical changes. Among them, the physical change refers to the continuous vaporization of the water in the tobacco leaves to expel the tissues and make the tobacco leaves dry gradually; the physiological and biochemical change is the most basic and important change, which is extremely complex. It includes the whole process of the decomposition, transformation and consumption of the substances contained in the tobacco leaves under the action of respiratory enzymes, hydrolases, oxidoreductases, etc. The baking principle is to study the basic laws of this process, so as to formulate artificial control measures, so that the changes of tobacco leaves will be most conducive to the direction of industrial availability, that is, to achieve the baking, baking yellow, baking fragrance.


    Tobacco technology has a lot of attention, technology is not in place, will affect the quality of tobacco. The common flue-cured tobacco equipment has a strong affinity for human beings. Coal burning requires continuous manual tracking, which will increase the labor cost of flue-cured tobacco. However, coal-fired materials not only have high cost, but also emit a lot of gas and pollute the environment.


    In order to solve the problems of traditional flue-cured tobacco technology in cost and environmental pollution, the intelligent flue-cured tobacco system of baostraw biomass burning machine is operated. The intelligent flue-cured tobacco system of baostraw biomass adopts microcomputer control, precise combustion control, automatic weighing measurement, real-time monitoring of baking, remote operation of mobile phone, identification of tobacco owner, baking fault alarm, stable performance, convenient use, big data system Unified support, no need of technology and easy operation, not only ensure the quality of tobacco drying, but also save labor costs.


    Turn waste into treasure, energy conservation and environmental protection: the pollution of air and coal residue from flue-cured tobacco has become increasingly prominent. The straw and wood chips, such as tobacco, corn, sesame and wheat straw, can be used as the pellet of the biomass burning machine for the baostraw biomass burning machine.


    Update date:2020-06-15
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