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    Edge tool of eliminating haze
    expert of straw burning

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    Heat supply with baking fire
    Heat supply with baking fire
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    Cooking heating

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    In winter, the temperature is generally cold, even in some areas of our country, the temperature is low all year round, so the household heating equipment is essential. Baostraw biomass burning machine intelligent fire system, one machine multi-purpose, cooking, heating, boiling water, table sample proficient. The system adopts microcomputer control, one key intelligent fool operation, automatic alarm for lack of material, overheat and overload protection; real-time observation of combustion conditions; biomass fuel, wood and coal can be used without material picking; smoke is discharged to the outdoor through smoke exhaust pipe, smoke-free, tasteless and dust-free indoor, sanitary and dry.


    Update date:2020-06-17
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