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    Low temperature baking
    Low temperature baking
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    Fungus drying

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    Mushroom is a kind of delicious food, many farmers grow mushroom as a source of income. Due to the large amount, the mushroom must be dried or dried after picking for long-term storage. The traditional drying needs a lot of labor and space, and there will be damp and mildew risk in rainy weather. Using dryer to dry can not be affected by rainy weather, intelligent temperature control drying equipment, do not need a lot of manual and site can quickly dry, uniform color.


    Corn stalk, corncob, wheat stalk, rice stalk, rice husk and other waste stalks, as well as sawdust and firewood powder are used as fuel in the system. It not only saves the cost, but also solves the problem of haze weather environmental pollution caused by burning straw to a certain extent. The equipment automatically transmits biomass particles to the furnace through automatic screw, and intelligently controls the temperature. It not only saves labor, but also has uniform color and high selling price after drying.


    Update date:2021-03-09
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