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    Low temperature baking
    Low temperature baking
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    Walnut drying

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    Walnuts are very nutritious nuts. Besides hard shell, walnuts have a layer of green skin before processing. When mature, the green skin will turn yellow gradually. After preliminary drying, skin removal is carried out manually. Walnut after peeling needs cleaning and other work. After cleaning, it is necessary to dry or dry, so as to prevent mildew in long-term storage. For walnut with large amount or rainy amount, drying process can be used.


    The corn stalk, corn cob, wheat stalk, rice stalk, rice husk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk and other waste straw, wood chips, wood powder and other waste straw are used as fuel for the combustion machine of baostraw biomass particles. Not only cost saving, but also to some extent, the problem of environmental pollution caused by burning straw is solved, and energy conservation and environmental protection are realized. The equipment is set by intelligent system, which can automatically ignite, cut materials and control temperature automatically, save labor cost, and the baked walnut has good color and good quality.


    Update date:2021-03-09
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