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    Does burning granules save money? Biomass pellet furnace, pellet burner manufacturer

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    Biomass particles are a new type of environmental protection energy. At present, they are widely used in the fields of stove heating, burner flue-cured tobacco and so on. The reason for environmental protection is that biomass particles are made of corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, rice husk and other waste straw, sawdust and firewood powder. It not only solves the problem of haze weather and environmental pollution caused by burning straw, but also saves more money than coal. Biomass particle heating furnace and biomass burner are thermal energy equipment using this kind of particles as fuel.


    The biomass heating furnace is different from the traditional coal furnace. The biomass furnace can automatically ignite, automatically cut materials and multi gear to meet the different needs of heating, cooking and cooking. There will be no coal poisoning in the combustion process of biomass particle roaster. Strengthen the heat dissipation design to achieve better heat dissipation and faster temperature rise. It is more suitable for a family to keep warm in winter.


    Biomass burner is mainly a machine and equipment that provides heat energy. The equipment can ignite automatically, cut materials automatically and discharge slag automatically. It does not need manual observation and saves labor cost. The docking dryer equipment can be widely used in the drying fields of tobacco curing, traditional Chinese medicine drying, tea drying, pepper drying, fungus drying, fruit and vegetable drying, etc.


    Bao straw is a brand of Chongqing Chuangxing Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as its name implies, Bao straw is to turn waste straw into treasure, recycle and reuse it and develop it into biomass energy. The brand covers biomass pellet furnace, biomass burner, dryer and other thermal energy equipment. The precious straw dryer was donated to Liangshan area, Sichuan Province to solve the problems of high baking cost and poor baking quality of local farmers.


    Update date:2021-09-23
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