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    Edge tool of eliminating haze
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    Low temperature baking
    Low temperature baking
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    Tobacco drying

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    Nongkan village, Zhefang Town, Mangshi City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province is a high-quality tobacco base with Zimbabwean style. The baostraw biomass burner has made unprecedented and great success in the baking experiment of Zimbabwean characteristic tobacco krk26, Honghua dajinyuan, K326, etc., and has obtained the tobacco baking experts at home and abroad, the technical personnel of the tobacco company where the experiment is located, and the experienced With the high praise of the flue-cured tobacco master and the majority of tobacco farmers, it has realized the energy revolution of baking one mu of fresh tobacco leaves with one mu of tobacco stalks, completely replacing the coal-fired baking!

    Time: May 10-17, 2017

    Location: longkan baking workshop, Mangshi, Hongzhou, Yunnan

    Test equipment: complete set of heat supply equipment for Chuangxing biomass burning machine

    On site monitoring unit: Yunnan energy utilization monitoring center


    Update date:2020-06-11
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