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    Clean energy
    Clean energy
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    Energy background

    Haze is an environmental pollution problem that has plagued China for many years. In January 2013, four haze processes covered 30 provinces (regions and cities). In Beijing, only five days are not haze days. Of the 500 large cities in China, less than 1% meet the air quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization.

    The main reason for this dilemma is the burning of coal, burning straw, automobile exhaust and other emissions of a large number of harmful gases.

    In February 2014, Xi Jinping pointed out that the primary task of dealing with haze pollution and improving air quality is to control PM2.5 and propose major measures to deal with it. Reducing coal consumption is one of the major initiatives. In 2017, Premier Li Keqiang personally wrote in the report "firmly fight against the blue sky".


    Energy policy

    The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of biomass energy points out that: "biomass energy is an important renewable energy. The development and utilization of biomass energy is an important part of the development of circular economy and an important task of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries."

    The outline of the national medium and long term plan for science and technology development puts forward that "we should focus on tackling key energy-saving technologies in major energy consumption fields; we should focus on research and development of renewable energy application technologies, such as biomass energy, so as to realize low-cost large-scale utilization and promote the optimization of energy structure;

    The outline of medium and long term scientific and technological development plan for tobacco industry puts forward "key fields and priority themes, namely, the key research and development of automatic energy-saving baking equipment and application technology of baking new energy".

    General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out five requirements on promoting the energy production and consumption revolution on the eighteen Party Congress. The first three requirements are:

    First, promote the energy consumption revolution and curb unreasonable energy consumption;

    Second, we should promote the energy supply revolution and establish a multi supply system;

    Third, promote the energy technology revolution and promote industrial upgrading.

    Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that "we will take energy conservation and emission reduction as an important breakthrough in structural adjustment and innovation transformation."

    We "can live well today, not worry about tomorrow, and realize the sustainable development of the country in the transformation only if we build development on the basis of sustainable resources and environment."

    The research and application of biomass energy utilization technology has been listed as a key project by the Chinese government for five consecutive years. The national energy administration, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of science and technology, and the General Administration of forestry have all formulated corresponding incentive policies and vigorously advocated the research on the application technology of biomass energy.

    Renewable clean energy

    In this environment of severe environmental pollution and energy shortage, Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction policy and actively participated in the "blue sky defense war". A "baostraw biomass burner" using biomass particles as fuel was developed. Then in many low-temperature baking, heating field is widely used to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by coal.

    Secondly, baostraw vigorously promotes the renewable and clean energy of biomass particles, reduces energy consumption in the field of low-temperature baking, heating and heating, provides the industry with renewable and recycling clean energy solutions, turns waste into treasure, energy conservation and environmental protection.


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