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    Intelligent baking
    Intelligent baking
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    The traditional crop drying not only takes a long time, but also has a lot of manpower. In rainy days, it also has to face the problem of crop mildew and deterioration. After the development, it began to use dryer equipment for drying, but the traditional baking machine, baking equipment and baking room are often complex and cumbersome to operate, requiring manual observation of time and temperature, so as to adjust, a little carelessness will cause losses.

    It has the advantages of intelligent control, simple operation, automatic feeding, automatic ignition, fan frequency conversion, microcomputer control, simple operation and labor saving. Environmental protection of equipment: zero pollution, no smoke and dust emission, in line with national emission standards; lower cost than coal, electricity and gas; provides an effective solution to save labor cost and energy consumption cost for baking.

    The intelligent system can realize the functions of face recognition, precise combustion control, automatic weighing measurement, real-time monitoring of baking, remote operation of mobile phone, baking fault alarm, etc. The intelligent baking is truly realized.

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